Ramatut Bengals & Savannahs!

Pet Sitting

We offer pet sitting services at Ramatut!

* Pets will be taken care of in the comforts of their own home
* Regular exercise and play time
* Fresh food and water
* Walks and potty breaks - daily or several times a day as requested
* Veterinary care obtained in case of illness

In addition to caring for your pet, we provide a number of other home services you make your time away from home as worry-free as possible:

* Newspaper and mail retrieval
* Plant watering
* Lights, blinds and curtain adjustment for crime deterrence
* Other requests considered

When you initially call we will need some information:

* The dates you are requesting
* The care you are requesting for your pet
* Detailed information about your pet
* Any other pertinent information

We would like to schedule an in-home visit to meet you and your pet in person to discuss:

* Your pet's routine/needs
* Location of food, water, toys, leashes, beds, etc.
* Your home's entry/security issues

Please contact us at
[email protected] or 763-577-1636



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