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Reputable Breeding

The International Cat Association
TICA Outstanding Cattery - 2006
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American Cat Fanciers Association
Cattery of Distinction - 2008
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Ten Commandments of a Reputable Breeder

1. The Reputable Breeder places cats/kittens by contract.

2. The Reputable Breeder places cats/kittens with a health guarantee.
3. The Reputable Breeder insists and contracts the return of a cat/kitten should the purchaser be unable to keep the cat/kitten.
4. The Reputable Breeder carefully interviews prospective owners and has specific requirements that are to be met IE; cat/kitten is to be altered if the breeder is not already practicing early altering, cat/kitten is not allowed to roam outdoors, etc.
5. The Reputable Breeder is willing and able to educate the novice. He/she happily answers any/all questions regarding the breed and his/her breeding program.
6. The Reputable Breeder insists on being informed of any health, genetic, or behavioral problems the cat/kitten may develop in itís lifetime.
7. The Reputable Breeder does not have more cats/kittens then he/she is able to keep clean, healthy and well socialized.
8. The Reputable Breeder spends individual time with each of his cats/kittens.
9. The Reputable Breeder is very concerned with excellent temperament in his/her cats/kittens as well as excellent health.
10. The Reputable Breeder makes him/herself available for advice and help to other breeders, and throughout the life of the cats/kittens he/she has placed.


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