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Marby is back living at Ramatut and
has retired from showing

Ramatut Phoenix Rising is owned by
Nancy and Tom in St Paul
This picture has been featured in the January 2009
Cat Fancy magazine in the Bengal article and also
as a small picture on the cover.
Ramatut Neytiri of Oakehaven is owned by Doug and LeighAnn in FL.
Ramatut Shylo of MaxCats is owned by
Max in Iowa
Ramatut Targa of Imperial Rags is owned by the Wiley family in MN
GC Ramatut Aspen Snow is owned by Marshall and Sarah in IA and is showing in ACFA.
GC Ramatut Asterix's Rising Star has also joined the family. He was 9th best Alter Inter-American, 2015!
Sandalwood Gunnin for Thrills of Ramatut is retired and living at Ramutut. Chloes Creamy Delight of Ramatut is retired and living in Minnesota.
Lucy owned by the Fryling family in MN Chloe lives with Jered & Michaela in MN.
Niko owned by Brett & Christina in MN Koa owned by Jeff in IA
Stosh owned by the Kirkhoff family in MN Zeena owned by the Cowan family in MN
Fred & Ginger owned by the Holmgren family in MN Rosie owned by Mark in MN
Mini owned by the Grivno family in MN Maynard owned by the Mayotte family in MN
Kitara owned by Susan & Nate in MN Cyrus owned by Heather & Dan in MN
Cairo owned by Jan at Desertstar Bengals in CA Bart owned by Mary & Jim in MN
Bagheera owned by David & Melissa in MN Smoke owned by Rhonda & Mike in WI
Zoe owned by Ken & Diane in MN Shimmer owned by Brad in MN
Star owned by Lynn in WI Bailey owns Brian and Gail in MN
Owen & Luna are owned by the Gould family in MN
Sasha is owned by Cindi and Josh in WI Kato is owned by Cyndi and Josh in WI.
Phoebe is owned by the Houston family in MN.
Phoebe was Ramatut's first Bengal queen.
Ruby Ella & Pebbles owned by the
LeTourneau family in MN
Zerah (L) & Tsavo (R) are owned by Melissa & David in MN
Chita is owned by Bob in MN Crash Jr is owned by Marilyn in MN
Isis is owned by the Becky and Dean in MN. Midori is owned by the Brian and Cindi in MN.
Prince is owned by the Laura in MN. Ramatut Kika is owned by Carole in MN.
Chloe is owned by the Sands family in MN. Kira is owned by the Matt and Michelle in MN.
Helo is owned by Alissa and Andy in MN. Jagger is owned by the Vandlik family in MN.
Bonnie & Clyde owned by Kathy & David in MN Maxie is now living with Kim and Jim in MN
BeBe (left) and Noodle (right) are owned by the Rios family in MN.
Cleo (left) and Khan (right) are owned by the Bloom family in MN.
Fiona is owned by Brittany & Chris in MN Salsa is owned by Matt and Yi in MN
Maximus is owned by Lindsay in SD Sammy is owned by Cheryl in MN
Nala is owned by Julie and Bob in MN Cercie owned by Katie and Aaron
Madeline aka Maddie is living in Minnesota with Tammy


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